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25th OCTOBER, 1960

1 Pair of Chinese Vases and Covers, baluster shaped decorated red and green enamels (1 slightly imperfect), 15 1/2in. high.
2 Chinese Porcelain Vase and Cover decorated Kylin with panels of coloured enamels 24in. high (Cover damaged).
3 Chinese Dish with raised enamel decoration, 10 3/4in., diameter and 2 Bowls 8in. diameter (damaged).
4 Early Chinese Bowl with openwork border with multi-coloured centre decoration, 9 1/2in. diameter.
5 Pair of Coalport Dishes with flower decoration, 9in. diameter.
6 Pair of Worcester China Spill Vases blue ground with gilt decoration and panels of exotic birds (1 damaged).
7 Pair of Spill Vases, rose ground and panels of flowers.
8 Oriental Cream Jug and Cover decorated with famille rose and ditto with vase of flowers.
9 Sevres China Inkstand with Inkwells, panels of flowers and festoons on ormolu base.
10 Dresden Cup and Saucer with panels of flowers and scenes and China Trinket Box.
11 5 Various decorated Oriental Saucers and 2 Oriental Cups and Saucers.
12 Pair of Crown Derby Coffee Cups and Saucers (1 Cup damaged).
13 Pair of Continental Figures, white and gilt, 6 1/2in. high.
14 Enamelled Patch Box with dome shaped lid with panels of Lady and Gentleman and sprays of flowers, and French China ditto with panels of figures.
15 Pair of Oriental China Beakers and Saucers (1 damaged), Coffee Cup and Oriental Cup.
16 4 Oriental decorated Coffee Cups and 4 other pieces.
17 Pair of tastefully decorated Coalbrookdale 2-handled China Bowls and Covers encrusted with flowers and panels of flowers on shaped bases.
18 Pair of Miniature Coalport Teapots, gilt and white, encrusted with flowers (slightly imperfect), and Dresden China Bowl and Cover with raised forget-me-not decoration.
19 Oriental China Pentray with gilt and openwork border decorated with panels of flowers.
20 2 Small Dresden Cups and Saucers decorated with insects and flowers, encrusted with forget-me-nots and lilies.
21 Famille Rose Bowl 5 1/2in. diameter and 3 Oriental Saucers and Ashtray.
22 Pair of Dresden Figures, "Girls Feeding Hens" on shaped bases, 4 1/2in. high, (damaged).
23 Dresden Figure, " A Girl with Lamb," 5 1/2 in. high on shaped gilt base.
24 Pair of Ormolu and Agate Posy Holders with reclining figure on 4 claw and ball feet.
25 2 Oriental Cups forming baskets with ormolu mounts and ormolu flower holder.
26 Worcester Cup and Saucer decorated butterflies, China Cup and Saucer decorated birds, and Doulton China Mug.
27 Pair of Dresden Cups and Saucers with gilt borders, panels of flowers and love scenes.
28 China Cup and Saucer, white and gilt decoration with birds and trees, and 3 Oriental Cups and Saucers.
29 2 Oriental China Teapots (I lid damaged).
30 Pair of pale blue Glass Jugs with raised flower decoration, and green ground china Jug, and 3 other pieces.
31 Satsurna Bowl with shaped edge, 8%in. diameter, and 7 other pieces.
32 Part Salopian Tea and Coffee Set comprising 18 pieces.
33 2 Oriental China Bowls (damaged) and Sundry China.
34 Part Worcester Dinner Service, white ground with gilt rims and bleu de roi and red foliated decoration comprising 73 pieces.
35 Similar Set of 73 Pieces.
36 Part Old Worcester Tea Service, spirally fluted, white ground with gilt and flower decoration comprising II pieces.
37 Part Crescent mark Worcester Teaset, spirally fluted with blue and gilt decoration comprising 20 pieces.
38 Part China Teaset, white ground and gilt decoration with rosebuds com- prising 22 pieces. ,
39 Meissen Dessert Service, white ground with gilt borders, each piece decorated with different panels of flowers, comprising 20 pieces.
40 A Similar Lot of 16 pieces.
41 Staffordshire Dessert Service, white ground with blue de roi borders and gilt openwork edges with white and gilt centres comprising 17 plates and 4 fruit dishes, 3 Comports and large 2 handled centre Comport.
42 6 White China Comports with openwork borders.
43 2 pairs of decorated China 2 handled Plant Holders.
44 Ditto.
45 Ditto.
46 5 Various Ditto.
47 Set of 6 White Derby 2 handled Posy Holders encrusted with flowers, Sampson Hancock Mark
48 Set of 5 White China 3 division Posy Holders.
49 16 China Dessert Plates with openwork borders each decorated with panels of Orchids.
50 Part Minton China Tea Set, white with gilt bands and panels of blue flowers comprising 18 pieces.
51 Pair of Wedgewood Jardinieres, yellow ground and panel decoration (damaged), Burmantoft Pottery Jardiniere and Minton Revolving Stand.
52 4 Square Worcester Fruit Dishes, Leaf Shaped ditto, 3 plates with gilt borders and sprig decoration.
53 29 Minton Dinner Plates and 7 Soup Plates, white with gilt borders.
54 Ditto.
55 21 Minton Dessert Plates.
56 37 Copeland ditto and 10 Soup Plates.
57 19 Hors d'oeuvres Dishes, white with gilt borders, and circular Vegetable Dish and Cover.
58 19 Ditto with 2 Vegetable Dishes.
59 Part Minton Dessert Service with basket work borders and sprays of flowers and butterflies, comprising 13 plates, 4 circular dishes and 4 square dishes.
60 Part Worcester Dinner Service with white ground, gilt band and leaf pattern borders, comprising 57 pieces.
61 A Similar lot comprising 44 pieces.
62 Minton Breakfast Service, white ground with gilt border and decorated sprigs of roses comprising 69 pieces.
63 Dresden Tea and Coffee Service comprising 56 pieces.
64 51 Spode Teaplates and Saucers, v/hite with gilt borders and blue sprig pattern.
65 Pair of octagonal shaped Oriental Dishes with openwork borders and multi- coloured centres, MVsin. diameter.
66 Set of 4 Crackleware Oriental 2 handled Vases decorated in the Chinese taste.
67 Pair of Dresden Pin Trays with sprig decoration, pair of Copeland ditto, and pair of Japanese decorated Vases.
68 Dresden 2 handled Pen Tray with gilt borders encrusted with flowers.
69 China Trinket Tray with shaped and gilt border and sprays of flowers with a pair of Vases and Covers and centre Candlestick.
70 Decorated China Lamp with Opal Shade, pair of China Bedroom Candle- sticks and 3 other pieces.
71 5 piece Morning China Teaset with sprays of flowers and 4 pieces ditto.
72 Staffordshire Tea and Breakfast Service with shaped and gilt and blue ribbon borders, white ground and panels of flowers, comprising 76 pieces.
73 Part Early Worcester Dessert Service with shaped and gilt borders com- prising 12 plates, 3 oval dishes and 2 larger ditto (2 repaired).
74 6 decorated China Plates (repaired).
75 Pair of Doulton Pottery Jugs encrusted with leaves, and pair of ditto Mugs.
76 Pair of Bottle Shaped Doulton Vases and 2 Jugs.
77 Staffordshire Decorated Pottery Punch Bowl.
78 Worcester Oil Lamp, cream ground with floral decoration with brass mounts on openwork base.
79 French Ormolu and Sevres 7-Branch Candelabra decorated with panels of flowers, fruit and birds.
82 5 Various pieces of Copper Lustre.
83 China Figure of Child holding Shrimping Net, and ditto of Boy Holding Tray.
84 Spode Pen Tray, Blue Glass Bowl and Sundries.
85 Metal Stamp Case with Wedgewood Plaques, octagonal shaped Box, pair of ormolu brass Scissors and miniature Manicure Set in walnut shell and
86 Miniature Manicure Set in casket with dome shaped lid set with agate.
87 Shaped Casket with metal mounts, oblong ditto and ovoid shaped ditto.
88 Green tinted Casket with ring side handles and raised panels of water fowl.
89 Pair of Venetian white glass Bottles and Stoppers and 2 Chinese Cups and Saucers (I damaged).
90 Amber Necklace, Amber Cross, piece of Amber and Coral Necklet.
91 Glass Scent Bottle with turquoise mount, glass seal, fruit knife and 2 other pieces.
92 Ivory Figure of Child Feeding Cat, 4Y4in. high, and 2 Ivory Elephants on base.
93 2 ruby glass 2 handled Scent Bottles, Dutch glass Scent Bottle and a Rock Crystal Scent Bottle.
94 Small Filigree Inkstand, 2 paste Buckles and Sundries.
95 Part of a Swiss Clock with enamel dial, 2 silver Caddy Spoons, 2 Bowls and Sundries.
96 Green 2 handled shell shaped Dish, and Sundries.
97 Two Continental China Figures of Birds, decorated glass Bottle, 2 Bowls, and Sundries.
98 Pair of Oriental blue and white square Plant Holders, small Ditto, 2 oval Ashtrays and blue and white Delft Tray.
99 Green Pottery oblong 2 handled Plant Holder, small green Oriental Bowl, 2 Coffee Cups, and Sundries.
100 Amber Crackleware glass Vase and 5 other pieces.
101 4 Terra Cotta Plaques.
102 Doulton Pottery Lamp fitted for electric light, China model of Swan and various coloured Tiles.
103 Pair of Meissen 2 Handled Shaped Tureens and Covers with raised sprays of flowers and panels of flowers.
104 Pair of Meissen Cafe au Lait Pots with shaped handles and spout and with monster head spout with panels of tulips and sprays of flowers and dome shaped lids with flower terminals.
105 Pair of Chelsea Figures of Lady and Gentleman holding basket supported by column encrusted with flowers and with dog on shaped and gilt openwork base, height 8 in. (slightly imperfect).
106 Pair of Very Fine Coalport 2 Handled Vases and Covers decorated with exotic birds and flowers on shaped bases, height 14 in.
107 China model of King Charles Spaniel, grey and white, 81/2in. high, and yellow pottery model of Kylin (leg damaged).
108 Pair of Meissen Oval Shaped Flower Holders with shaped rims, decorated green and gold with panels depicting love scenes and with garlands of flowers on loose shaped bases, height 7%in.
109 Pair of Oriental blue and white oviform Vases decorated birds and flowers, ISVzin. high.
110 Pair of 2 handled Ditto, lOin. high.
111 Crackleware Vase with 2 side ring handles, 101/4in.
112 2 Austrian Pottery Vases, blue ground with raised decoration, 14m. high.
113 Smaller Ditto with mask spout, ll~in. high.
114 Pair German Beer Jugs, IO~in. high.
115 Powder blue Bowl decorated in Chinese taste.
116 Chinese Porcelain Bowl with openwork sides decorated with peonies and lotus blossom, 7%in. diameter, and decorated China Plate (damaged).
117 Chinese Porcelain oval Dish on shaped foot decorated famille rose and prunus blossom, IP/am.
118 Oriental enamel oval Dish with green border with centre panel decorated Chinese taste, oblong 2 division Ditto, circular Bowl, and small leaf patterned enamel Casket.
119 A Very Valuable Part Dr. Wall Pediod Worcester Dessert Service, 14 pieces displayed on 2 carved gilt wood shields, deep blue and gilt border, centre panels painted with exotic birds and foliage., with three other pieces (and one small plate imperfect), (see illustration).
120 A mottled green Vase on ormolu foot (vase damaged) and green China 2 handled Dish with leaf decoration.
121 Pair of Delft decorated Pottery Shoes, Dresden China Ditto, and Dresden Easel Frame encrusted with flowers.
122 Large Yellow Staffordshire Pottery Jardiniere and Stand with bamboo handles and rim with raised flower and leaf decoration.
123 Ditto with blue ground and trellis decoration.
124 Pair of Doulton blue ground Vases and 8 other pieces.
125 Leeds Fruit Basket and Stand and pair of shaped China Flower Troughs and 5 other pieces.
126 Staffordshire 2 handled Mug, Booths China Jug, Vase and Cover and China model of Iris.
127 White Derby Jug encrusted with flowers, ditto Vase and figure of Child holding spray of flowers with basket.
128 Pair of White Models of Birds' Nests, Pair of Spill Vases and Boy holding Basket.
129 Pair of White Figures of girls with shells on shaped bases and figure of girl holding a basket.
130 Pair of Dresden Ewers encrusted with flowers and panels of butterflies on shaped bases.
131 Rockingham Vase and Cover encrusted with flowers, and ditto 2 handled Vase, apple green ground with panel of flowers.
132 Imari China Teapot, 2 Oriental Saucers and Jug.
133 Oriental China Bowl, Cream Jug, Shaped Oriental Dish and Sundries.
134 Continental 2 handled Pot Pouri Vase and Cover with panels of flowers on circular foot and small China model of Bird.
135 Dresden Figure of Girl with 2 oyal baskets on shaped bases with panels of exotic birds and insects and decorated Flower Holder.
136 Wedgewood pale blue masked Jug, blue and white Delft Jug and Sundry China.
137 White China figure of Lady (damaged) and China model of Temple.
138 Pair of mottled green bottle shaped Vases and Covers, and 2 Oriental Vases (damaged).
Quantity of Desk Sundries.
139 4 Dresden China Plates with gilt and lattice borders decorated with insects and panels of bird and foliage (I damaged).
140 Pair of Worcester China 2 handled Vases with basket work centres and raised flowers.
141 Pair of white China basket work Plant Holders supported by Cherubs.
142 Dresden Trinket Tray with openwork borders, decorated garlands of flowers and Another (damaged).
143 China Pin Tray with multi-coloured centre, 2 China Inkstands and pair of white Pillar Candlesticks.
144 Pair of Wedgewood blue and white bottle shaped Vases, T~in. high, and pair of Ditto, 2%in. high.
145 Blue and white Wedgewood Pot Pouri Vase with Cover on circular foot and ditto Vase.
146 Wedgewood 2 bottle Inkstand.
147 Dresden China Cup and Saucer encrusted with flowers, 2 miniature Ditto, and Cup and Saucer with panels of flowers.
148 Minton figure of Swan holding Dish and pair of Minton Vases and Covers.
149 Oriental Teapot and Dresden Pin Tray.
150 Pair of China Posy Display Stands with shell borders with centre draped figures.
151 Pair of Oriental square shaped Plant Holders and Stands, blue ground decorated prunus blossom, 8in. high.
152 One Ditto and pair of bottle shaped Pottery Vases.
153 Set of 4 white China Flower Holders with 3 cherub supports.
154 Pair of White China models of Boys seated on open sacks, 3 white China square Flower Holders and Spill Vase.
155 White China Flower Holder with 3 cherub side supports, pair of Ditto models of Tulips, and Ditto in form of Basket encrusted witli flowers,
2 Menu Holders and shaped Minton Dish.
156 Pair of blue and white Flower Holders with openwork sides, green pottery Flower Holder and Sundry China.
157 Crescent Jardiniere bleu de roi ground with shaped side panels decorated with rosebuds.
158 Terra cotta model of Fisherman and Sundry China.
159 Part Minton Tea and Coffee Set, blue borders with gilt rims and leaf decoration, comprising 67 pieces.
160 Similar Set comprising 63 pieces.
161 6 Dresden shaped Ashtrays with gilt rims decorated panels of flowers.
162 Part Minton Tea Service, white ground with gilt rims and blue leaf decora- tion comprising 47 pieces.
163 15 pieces of Copeland Tea Ware, white ground with gilt rims and rosebud and trellis decoration.
164 Part China Tea Service, white ground with gilt rims and terra cotta floral decoration, 29 pieces.
165 13 pieces Copeland Dinner Ware with gilt fluted decoration and 17 other Plates.
166 2 Coalport Cups and Saucers, blue and white, and 15 other pieces.
167 Pheasant Dish, Partridge Dish and Blue Pottery Dish.
168 20 Minton Dinner Plates.
169 Ditto.
170 Part Pottery Teaset, decorated with birds, comprising 29 pieces.
171 8 Octagonal Wedgewood white Tea Plates and Sundry China.
172 to 186 Sundry Tea and Dinnerware (15 lots).
187 Dresden Trinket Box and Cover, Sevres Plate (damaged), and 3 white China Candle Snuffers.
188 Small Oriental Bowl with shaped sides and 4 other pieces.
189 3 Jardinieres and 3 Bulb Bowls.
190 German Beer Mug, decorated Jug and 2 green Pottery Jugs.
191 Creen 2 handled Plant Holder on stand and 5 other pieces.
192 12 various green and brown pottery Flower Holders.
193 Pair of Minton China Candlesticks and Sundry China.
194 Pair blue pottery Vases and Centre Vase.
195 Pair yellow China models of Chickens, 2 pairs China Candlesticks and Sundries.
196 Pair of China Candlesticks and 6 other pieces.
197 7 various Flower Holders.
198 Pair of Oriental blue and white Vases, 10%in. high, and Sundry China.
199 Pair of decorated China Candlesticks, 4V2in. high, and Sundry China.
200 2 China Plaques and 8 other pieces of China.
203 3 large plain glass Jugs, 2 larger Ditto, and small Ditto.
204 Pair of small Decanters with sliced cut sides and large Decanter with sliced cut neck.
205 5 Decanters with sliced cut necks.
206 Large glass Jug and Claret Jug with sliced cut neck.
207 Claret Jug with hob nail cutting and star cut base and ditto with facet and slice cutting.
208 4 various Claret Jugs and Whisky Decanter.
209 Pair of cut Decanters with slice cut necks and gouge cutting, and odd Ditto.
210 Water Jug with serrated and gouge cutting and barrel shaped ditto.
211 Pair of Port Decanters with slice cut necks and star cut bases, and 2 Ditto.
212 Pair of plain Burgundy Decanters, and large Ditto.
213 4 various Salad Oil Bottles and 2 odd Port Decanters.
214 Amber tinted Cordial Jug and Plain Decanter.
215 Large glass Goblet on twisted stem.
216 Cucumber Dish and Sundry Glass.
217 3 late 18th century Wine Glasses with engraved bowls and double baluster stems.
218 Late 18th century Wine Glass with tear drop in stem and fold over foot and engraved Goblet on slice cut stem.
219 10 frosted Ice Plates with star cut bases, and 3 others.
220 9 Ditto and 6 others.
221 5 heavily cut glass Finger Bowls with star cut bases.
222 12 plain glass Finger Bowls with star cut bases.
223 15 serrated cut Finger Bowls.
224 14 various glass Finger Bowls.
225 Set of 6 cut glass Water Bottles and Classes with star cut bases.
226 Pair of facet and gouged cut Claret Jugs.
227 12 ruby tinted Pony Glasses.
228 4 star engraved Liqueur Glasses and 4 plain Ditto.
229 12 gouge cuib Liqueur Glasses.
230 3 cut glass Preserve Jars and Covers, I plain Ditto and 5 small Glass Dishes.
231 10 various barrel shaped Whisky Tots.
232 6 plain glass Tumblers, and 2 plain Water Jugs with star cut bases.
233 12 plain stemmed Champagne Glasses.
234 12 Ditto.
235 16 plain stemmed Wine Glasses.
236 6 Custard Glasses with gouge cutting, and 2 stemmed Goblets.
237 12 green tinted stemmed Wine Glasses.
238 14 plain stemmed white Wine Glasses.
239 15 Ditto.
240 16 plain stemmed Whisky Goblets.
241 15 Ditto.
242 6 Sundae Glasses with serrated edges and gouged cutting.
243 9 oblong pressed Salt Cellars, oval ditto and 7 ditto Mugs.
244 12 key pattern engraved stemmed Sherry Glasses.
245 II Ditto.
246 8 key pattern engraved Tumblers.
247 8 Various barrel shaped plain Tumblers and 3 others.
248 12 pressed glass Tumblers.
249 12 plain Glass Tumblers.
250 17 various Ditto.
251 17 Ditto.
252 6 large Tumblers, 2 plain Water Jugs with star cut bases.
253 Large engraved glass Jug on circular base and large engraved and cut glass Mug.
254 Water Bottle and Glass, 3 various glass Bottles and 4 small glass Jugs.
255 2 cut glass Fruit Bowls with star cut bases and 2 oval Ditto with serrated edges.
256 4 frosted glass Ice Plates, ditto Fruit Dish on Stand, and II various small Glass Dishes.

257 Engraved glass Centre Dish, engraved Claret Jug, Pickle Jar and 2 Custard Glasses.
258 7 various stemmed Wine Classes and large Goblet.
259 6 various glass Dishes, Butter Dish and Sundry Glass.
260 II heavy glass Menu Holders.
261 5 Horn Beakers.
262 Yellow crackle glass 2 handled Vase and 3 smaller Ditto.
263 Pair of yellow crackle glass Vases with flower decoration, and 3 others.
264 4 ruby glass Flower Holders, 3 blue glass Ditto and 3 others.
265 4 circular glass Flower Holders with green rims, 4 green Flower Vases and 2 Vesta Holders.
266 Set of 4 trumpet shaped Flower Vases with slice cutting and star cut. bases, TYsin. high.
267 Set of 3 cut glass Flower Vases on circular bases, 5%in. high, and larger Ditto, 7%in. high.
268 Pair of cut glass Flower Vases, 4Vzin. high, and another pair with shaped rims, 6in. high.
269 Set of II graduated Flower Vases.
270 Set of 3 bulbous shaped Flower Vases with reeded necks.
271 Set of 21 glass Ice Plates with serrated edges, rich oil gilt decorations and star cut centres.
272 3 Goblets with slice cut bowls, gilt rims and oil gilt decoration on cut stems and 5 matching Liqueur Glasses.
273 Glass Table Lamp fitted for electric light with slice cut column on star cut base, 20in. high.
274 Bristol blue glass Bowl, 5in. diameter, and Sundry Glass.
277 Zuchero, F. Half Length Portrait of Young Lady in Elizabethan Dress. Panel 24 % in. x 181/4! in.
278 Unknown. Sleeping Child leaning on a skull. Can. 27%in. x 40%in.
279 School of Kneller. Half Length Portrait of Ladies. Oval.
280 S. P. Denning. Portrait of Girl seated in a landscape. Panel 20V2in. x 16V4in.
281 English School. Quarter length Portrait of Henry des Vouex. Can. 17in. ~ 14Min.
282 English School. Half Length Portrait of Gentleman wearing a black coat. Oval.
283 F. R. Grant. Lady holding a Child with dog in foreground. Panel 8in. x 5in.
284 H. C 1869. Sir Henry des Vouex standing by a Horse. Can. 40in. x 49in.
285 English School. Racehorse with Jockey up. Can. 27%in. x 35~in.
286 W. H. Davis, 1853. Bull 'Vatican', 3 years old, in a landscape. Can. 22in. x 30in.
287 English School. Captain des Vouex in the uniform of the Life Guards with Charger. Can. 33V2in. x 273~in..
288 English School. Half Length Portrait of Robert Milligan wearing blue coat. Can. llYzin. x 9V2in.
289 English School. Gentleman on horseback shoo-ting grouse. Can. 22in. x 30m.
290 English School. Hunter in a landscape. Can. 19in. x 23~in.
291 Sidney Cooper, R.A., 1857. Cattle in a Landscape. Can. 37Yzin x 52in.
292 Hans Holbein After. Henry VIII in Rich Costume. Panel 251/4 in. x 2222 in.
293 E. W. Cooke, 1858. Coast Scene with Sailing Ships. Can. 34% in. x 54 in.
294 Reynolds (After). Mary Palmer, Countess of Thomond. Can 29`1/4 in. x 231/2 in.
295 School of Van Dyck. Half Length Portrait of Charles 1. Can. Oval 27~2in . x 22in.
296 L. W. Oakes. Coast Scene with Fishing Boats. Can. 34Y2 in. x 49 in.
297 Webb. Fishing Boats in a Rough Sea. Can. 251/2 in. x 48 in.
298 Dutch 17th Century. Dead Game. Panel 281/2 in. x 214/2 in.
299 French School. Landscape with couple dancing and other figures in fore- ground and river in middle distance with boats. Can. 42in. x 521~in..
300 French School. Three Watteauesque Subjects. Oval Can. 40 in. x 33 in.
301 Italian School. The Wine Makers. Can. 36in. x 48in. .
302 English School. Three-quarter length portrait of Henry des Vouex holding a gun. Can. 43in. x 23in.
303 J. F. Van Bloemen (Orizonti). A Pair of Classical Landscapes with Figures and Animals. Can. 52 in. x 38 in.
304 Unknown. Democritus Two Philosophers. Can. 37%in. x 45V2iu.
305 George Morland. Hilly Landscape with Horse and Cart and Two Figures. Can. 27~ in. x 35 in.
306 School of Berghem. Landscape with Figures and Cattle. Can. 221/2 in. x 19% in.
307 French School. A Pair of Half Length Portraits: "Girl in Satin Dress" and "Lady Wearing Blue Silk Dress with Pearl Jewellery." Ovals. Can. . 24in.x20in.
308 English School. Interior of a Stable with Cattle. Can. 17V2m. x 21V2in.
309 Howitt. Set of Four "Game Shooting Scenes.." Can. 16% in. x 20 in.
310 Dutch 17th Century. Crested Ducks and Pigeons. Can. 31in. x 25in.
311 N. Largilliere. A Pair of Three-quarter Length Portraits of Ladies Wearing Silk Satin Dresses. Can. 48 in. x 371/2 in.
312 English School. A Pair of Quarter Length Portraits of Ladies wearing ivory satin dresses. Can. Ovals 30m. x 24in.
313 Unknown. Half Length Portrait of a girl with long brown hair and wearing red cloak. Can. 30in. x 24in.
314 R. Swinton. Quarter Length Portrait of a Lady looking over left shoulder. Oval Can. 29V2in. x 24in.
315 English School. Mountainous Landscape with trees and man with gun in foreground. Can. 72in. x 96m.
316 School of Berghem. Landscape with Cattle and Sheep and Goats with 2 Figures and Rocks in background. Can. 40m. x 49in.
317 Small Oil Painting in 'two panels Lady and Gentleman seated, and Sundry Pictures.
318 Unknown. Quarter Length Portrait of a Girl with ringlets. Oval 15%in. x 14m.
319 Unknown. Panel of 4 Oval Miniature Portraits of Gentlemen.
320 Unknown. Quarter Length Portrait of a girl wearing a red tarn o'shanter and Sundry Pictures. Panel 18in. x 13in.
321 Unknown. Wooded Landscape with sheep grazing, and Sundry Pictures. Panel 113/4in. x 15in.
322 Coloured Engraving, ' The New Docks and Warehouses on the Isle of Dogs near Limehouse" and Sundry Pictures.
323 Line Engraving, 'Napoleon Defeated', and Sundry Pictures.
324 Silkwork Picture. "The Reaper", and Sundry Pictures.
325 Set of 12 Water Colour Drawings " Scottish Landscapes" by J. Giles, 1847.
326 Two Water Colour Drawings, "Hyde Park" and "River Thames", by Bridget Kent, and Sundry Pictures.
327 6 Sepia Mezzotint Engravings in black and gilt frames.
328 5 Colour Prints in circular and oval gilt frames.
330 3 Silk Needlework Pictures in gilt frames, and one other.
331 Colour Print Gamekeepers Refreshing, after George Morland, and Sundry Pictures.
332 Small Colour Print "Clara" by William Peters and Sundry Pictures.
333 3 Small Carved Wood Gilt Frames.
334 2 Water Colour Drawings, " Views on the Rhine."
335 Pair of Circular Plaques in ebonised frames and Sundry Pictures.
336 Pair of Colour Prints after George Morland, "The First of September, Morning and Evening", and Sundry Pictures.
337 Set of 6 Old Prints " The Prodigal Son."
338 Pair of Coloured Prints "Gamekeepers Refreshing and Returning", and Sundry Pictures.
339 Pair of small Needlework Pictures in fretted frames and Sundry Pictures.
340 to 345 Sundry Pictures and Frames (6 lots).

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