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26th OCTOBER, 1960

846 Pair of silver Bon Bon Dishes with embossed edges, pair of smaller Ditto, and oblong Tray with gadrooned border, 7 ozs.
347 Travelling Clock in silver case, Date Calendar, Silver Blotting Pad and Magnifying Glass in silver frame.
348 Silver Spirit Flask, Vesta Holder, 3 small silver Photograph Frames, and silver topped Smelling Salt Bottle.
349 Silver Bowl with shaped border, Sin. diameter, on 3 shaped feet, and Sugar Basin with oval embossed plaques, 4V2m. diameter, 9Y20zs.
350 Pair of Continental Silver Shoes engraved with Cinderella scenes, 12% ozs.
351 Silver Pen Tray, 2 Silver Pens, smaller Ditto with embossed scene, silver Vesta Holder, small mirror in silver frame and silver heart-shaped tray.
354 Silver barrel shaped half-pint Tankard with shaped handle, 7 ozs.
355 Silver Tankard with engraved sides on circular beaded foot, 6 ozs.
356 Ditto, with embossed sides on shaped circular foot, with shaped masked handle, 41/4 ozs.
357 Silver Christening Mug on shaped circular base with leaf patterned handle, 4 ozs.
358 Victorian silver 2 handled Sugar Basin on circular foot with matching Cream Jug, 15 ozs.
359 Victorian silver Teapot with dome shaped lid surmounted with figure and with heavily embossed sides depicting scene outside a tavern, on 4 shaped feet, 30 ozs.
361 William IV silver circular shaped Teapot with engraved sides and straight spout on circular foot, approximately 17 ozs.
362 GEORGE I SILVER TEAPOT with circular lid and shell shaped hinge, finely chased decoration on moulded foot with straight and moulded spout, approximately 101/2 ozs.
364 Victorian chased silver Coffee Pot with dome shaped lid on circular base with shaped handle, 22 ozs.
365 Silver Cream Jug with dome shaped lid on circular foot, 6in. high, approxi- mately 7 ozs.
366 Set of 4 crested Victorian silver Salts with shaped and gadrooned borders, festoons of flowers, lion's mask and paw feet with matching spoons, 29 ozs.
368 Victorian circular Mustard Pot with shaped thumbpiece, gadrooned border, blue glass liner and spoon, 81/2 ozs.
369 George II plain circular silver Cream Jug„ 41/2 ozs.
370 Silver Presentation Cup with circular bowl and bell shaped foot Sin. high, 8 ozs., and small silver Bell, 3 ozs.
371 Silver 6 division Toast Rack and small 4 division Ditto, 10 ozs.
372 Pair silver Candlesticks on twisted columns and circular bases, 51/2 in. high, silver Taper Stick on shaped and moulded base.
373 Silver Rose Bowl with fluted sides and wire grille, 17 ozs.
374 Circular silver Mustard Pot with reeded border and shaped handle with spoon and blue glass liner, 5 ozs.
375 Circular silver Beaker with domed shaped lid, embossed floral patterned sides, 5Vz ins. high, 10 ozs.
376 Victorian silver Table Lamp with tapering column on circular base and with shade carrier, fitted for electric light, 22in. high.
377 Circular silver Chamber Candlestick with reeded border, and Snuffer, II ozs.
378 Double oblong silver Cigarette Case, silver Pen and Ink Stand and small silver Vase.
379 3 various silver Snuff Boxes.
380 Silver Decanter Stand, silver mounted Spirit Flask, Button Hook and Sundries.
381 Silver Cruet with twisted handle and openwork sides and with cut glass bottles.
382 Pair of silver embossed Plaques depicting Charles I and Henrietta.
383 2 silver Wine Funnels, Sugar Sitter, Crumb Scoop, and small silver Cream Jug, IOf/~ ozs.
384 Silver gilt Snuff Box with chased decoration and plain silver Ditto.
385 Set of 6 George III silver crested Dessert Forks, 1805;) 6 ozs.
386 4 matching Ditto 1800, 6 ozs. and one 1796.
387 12 silver Fruit Spoons with moulded handles, 10 ozs.
388 12 crested and matching silver Dessert Spoons, 20 ozs.
389 5 plain crested silver Tablespoons, II ozs.
390 12 plain silver Dessert Spoons, 4 dated 1826, 5 dated 1831 and 3 others, 101/2 ozs.
391 12 moulded and crested Victorian silver Dessert Forks, 18 ozs.
392 10 Victorian silver Dessert Spoons with reeded edges and 2 others, 21 ozs.
393 6 silver Table Forks with reeded edges, 15 ozs.
394 6 Ditto, 15 ozs.
395 6 Ditto, 15 ozs.
396 6 matching crested silver Dessert Forks, 10 ozs.
397 6 Ditto, 10 ozs. -
398 12 matching crested silver Table Forks, 27 ozs.
399 12 Ditto, 24 ozs.
400 6 plain silver 3 tine and crested George III Table Forks, IV/a ozs.
401 6 Victorian silver Tablespoons with crested and moulded handles, 15 ozs.
402 6 Ditto, 15 ozs.
403 6 Victorian silver Tablespoons with crested and moulded handles, 15 ozs.
404 Pair of William IV Soup Spoons and pair of Victorian Ditto, 10 ozs.
405 6 Victorian silver Fruit Knives with moulded handles.
406 4 William IV Silver Teaspoons and two matching Ditto, 3 ozs.
407 6 Victorian silver Teaspoons' 4 ozs.
408 6 early bottom marked silver Teaspoons with chased and crested handles, 2 ozs.
409 6 Ditto, P/2 ozs.
410 2 Victorian silver Butter Knives, pair of silver Bread Servers and silver Fish Slice, 12 ozs.
411 2 silver Gravy Spoons and silver Soup Ladle, 18 ozs.
412 Pair of Silver Sugar Scissors with shell pattern Grips, silver Caddy Spoon, and 3 bottom marked silver Teaspoons, 3 ozs.
413 Pair of silver Decanter Stands with gadrooned borders and openwork sides and beaded rim.
414 Early silver Apostle Spoon, engraved silver Spoon, bottom marked, silver Dessert Spoon and 4 silver Teaspooil's, 5 ozs.
415 12 various silver Trinkets.
416 Oval silver Tea Caddy, Crumb Scoop, Marrow Scoop, and Skewer.
417 Silver Paper Knife, silver knobbed Ditto, silver mounted tortoiseshell Trinket Tray, 2 small silver Boxes and silver Inkwell.
418 2 early silver Coins, 2 silver Medallions, etc.
419 Silver Date Calendar, 2 Note Cases, Photograph Frame, silver mounted Scent Bottle and pair of Indian silver Birds.
420 Silver topped Hoof Inkstand, plated Ditto, Sheffield plated Taper Holder, and small silver Bell surmounted by squirrel.
421 Silver 2 handled Dish with shaped sides, silver Mustard Pot with blue glass liner and small plated Taper Stand and Snuffer.
422 2 silver Sugar Nips, 3 Condiment Spoons, silver Teaspoon, silver Brandy Warmer and Stand, and Cinnamon Strainer.
423 George II silver Tankard with embossing of later date (damaged), 6 ozs.
424 Tortoiseshell Stationery Cabinet with dome shaped lid and silver mounts on 4 -shaped feet.
425 Tortoiseshell and silver Casket with dome shaped lid and side handles.
426 Smaller Ditto.
427 Smaller Ditto.
428 Mantel Clock in pierced silver frame and silver mounted Prayer Book in case.
429 Fitted Dressing Case with silver mounted and cut glass fittings.
430 Silver Inkstand on moulded base, pair of silver Photograph Frames, Horse Shoe and silver Acorns.
431 Square silver Cigarette Box, small oval silver Basket with beaded border and 4 silver Wine Labels.
432 Pierced silver Bon Bon Dish on circular foot and oval Ditto.
433 Small circular silver Basket with fold over handle and silver embossed Cream Jug and miniature Jug.
434 Silver model of Crown forming Pin Cushion, miniature heart-shaped Table on shaped feet, and silver model of Swan.
435 Octagonal 2 handled Gup inset with semi-precious stones, and silver and mother of pearl model of Barrel, and silver Nutmeg Crater.
436 Shell patterned Dessert Spoon, Teaspoon and Caddy Spoon with filigree handle.
437 Georgian silver Caddy Spoon, 7 various Teaspoons and shovel shaped Caddy Spoon.
438 Silver Brooch model of pig, small Box with dome shaped lid, miniature Vase and oval Ashtray.
439 Pair of silver gilt Diary Holders.
440 Silver backed Dressing Table Set comprising 6 pieces.
441 5 silver topped Bottles and tortoiseshell Powder Box.
442 Georgian silver Coaster with gadrooned border and ditto Coaster with vine patterned border and small plain silver Bowl.
443 Silver Cigarette Case, silver Matchbox, Ashtray and silver Sandwich Box.
444 Silver Chatelaine, pair of silver Scissors and Indian silver Dress Belt.
445 Child's silver gilt Knife and Fork with mother-of-poarl handle, in case, etc,
446 Silver Photograph Frame, Vesta Holder, small silver Bowl, Thimble in case, silver mounted Inkstand, and silver mounted Smelling Salts Bottle.
447 6 various cut glass Bottles with silver mounts.
448 4 various glass Boxes with silver mounts and 3 Bottles with silver mounts.
449 Silver Presentation Trowel, Whisky Flask and pair of Opera Glasses.
450 2 small silver Trays, 2 silver backed Brushes, Shoe Lift, Button Hook and Vesta Holder.
451 Silver backed Hair Brush and Comb in case.
452 Oval silver 2 handled Inkstand with 2 facet cut Bottles and silver Egg Cup.
453 Lady's fitted Dressing Case fitted silver mounted bottles.
454 Ladys silver mounted Manicure Set in case.
455 Lady's silver mounted Travelling Case.
456 7 large shell patterned silver Table Forks, 19 ozs.
457 6 Ditto, 16 ozs.
458 7 ditto Table Spoons, 18 ozs.
459 6 Ditto, 16 ozs.
460 7 ditto Dessert Forks, 10 ozs.
461 6 Ditto, 8 ozs.
462 6 Ditto, 9 ozs.
463 8 ditto Teaspoons, 5 ozs.
464 Large silver Gravy Ladle, Soup Spoon and 2 small Gravy Ladles, 16 ozs.
465 4 William IV silver Dessert Spoons and Ladle, 6 ozs.
466 3 silver Tablespoons and 3 large Forks, 12 ozs.
467 4 silver Teaspoons and 2 Sitter Spoons, 2 ozs.
468 Oval silver bedroom Candlestick with moulded borderland Snuffer, 9 ozs.
469 Silver Butter Knife, Marrow Scoop, 5 various Salt Spoons and pair of Sugar 'Nips, 6 ozs.
470 Pair of oval silver Salts with beaded borders, 7 ozs.
471 Silver Mustard Pot with plain lid with blue glass liner, 3 ozs., and silver topped Condiment Bottle.
472 3 Spirit Flasks and 6 cut glass Bottles.
473 Oval silver Sugar Basin with fold-over handle and engraved sides on oval foot 6 ozs.
474 Child's silver shell patterned Knife, Fork and Spoon in case.
475 Silver Christening Mug with fluted and engraved sides 4 ozs. and Victorian silver Mug on 3 ball feet, 5 ozs.
476 Silver backed Hair Brush, 2 Clothes Brushes and small silver Flask.
477 Pair of Sheffield plated Pillar Candlesticks embossed leaf pattern on circular bases, lOin. high.
478 Pair of Ditto with shell patterned borders on circular foot, fitted for electric light (damaged), Ilin. high.
479 Set of 4 Sheffield plated Candlesticks on oblong and moulded bases, 171/4in. high.
480 Pair of Ditto on oval bases. Gin. high, pair of Ditto with corinthian column and stepped bases.
481 Plated Tea Kettle and Spirit Stand on 3 shaped feet.
482 Pair of plated Sauceboats with shaped handles.
483 Plated Vegetable Dish and Cover with gadrooned border and shaped edge.
484 Pair of Plated Toast Racks and 2 others and small Condiment Set.
485 Plated Salver with shaped and beaded border and engraved centre on 4 claw and ball feet, 12in. diameter.
486 Pair of plated Candlesticks decorated festoons on stepped and square bases, 51/4in. high, and pair of Chamber Candlesticks and Snuffer.
487 Plated 3: division Condiment Set and 2 Toast Racks.
488 Octagonal shaped plated Hot Water Jug with ebonised handle.
489 Large plated half fluted Teapot and smaller Ditto.
490 Plated Teapot with plain sides and cane fold-over handle.
491 Plated Waiter with beaded and shell border on 4 claw and ball feet, and Chamber Candlestick and Snuffer.
492 One pint Tankard on moulded and circular foot and 2 handled Ice Pail with beaded border.
493 Large plated Ice Pail with 2 ring handles on 4 ball feet.
494 Plated 2 handled Sugar Basin, Cream Jug and plated Spirit Lamp on 3 shell feet
495 Circular stepped Wedding Cake Stand with key pattern border, 101/2 in. diameter.
496 Oval plated 2 handled Tray with moulded border.
497 Easel Mirror with plated moulded frame.
498 Set of 12 plated Fish Knives and Forks in walnut case.
499 Plated Meat Dish with shaped and shell patterned border and gravy veins, and with plated 2 handled Hot Water Dish.
500 Pair of oval 2 handled Meat Dishes on ball feet.
501 12 plated and engraved afternoon Tea Knives and Forks.
502 Set of 3 plated Meat Dish Covers with moulded borders.
503 6 large plated and crested Table Forks and 6 Dessert Forks.
504 12 shell patterned and crested plated Table Spoons.
505 Large Soup Ladle, 2 Gravy Spoons, plated Meat Skewer, Button Hook, Shoe Lift and Marrow Scoop.
506 4 large plated Afternoon Tea Knives, 4 Cake Knives, and 5 others.
507 12 plated Teaspoons.
508 12 Ditto.
509 6 A.I plated Dessert Spoons, 4 Tablespoons and Soup Ladle.
510 6 plated Table Forks and 6 ditto Dessert Forks.
511 6 plated Coffee Spoons, 8 Teaspoons and 3 Condiment Spoons.
512 12 plated Dessert Forks.
513 18 plated Table Forks.
514 12 large steel Table Knives.
515 Sundry Knives and Forks.
516 Pair of Bedroom Candlesticks and Snuffers with glass shades.
517 Pair of Sheffield plated Chamber Candlesticks with Snuffers and beaded borders,
518 Pair of oval plated Meat Dishes with moulded borders and 2 handled Hot Water Dish on claw and ball feet.
519 Pair of circular plated Vegetable Dishes and Covers with beaded borders (one handle missing).
520 I Ditto with gadrooned border and smaller Ditto with beaded border.
521 Plated 2 handled Ice Pail and plated Egg Warmer.
522 Pair of plated 2 handled Vegetable Dishes and Covers with shaped feet.
523 Plated 3 division 2 handled Vegetable Dish and Cover and plated 2 handled Hot Water Dish and Sundries.
524 12 stainless steel Table Knives.
525 8 stainless steel Cake Knives in case.
526 7 large steel Table Knives and 6 various Cheese Knives.
527 Plated 3 division Condiment Set, pair of chromium plated Egg Cosies and plated Marmalade Jar.
528 Quantity of plated Tablespoons, Teaspoons and Forks.
529 Pair of plated Nutcracks, plated Hot Water Jug, Sugar Sitter, and Sundries.
530 Pair of plated Dish Stands with Spirit Stands, plated Dish Stand, plated Tea Urn with Spirit Stand.
531 Plated Reading Lamp with green glass shade.
532 Pair of plated Candlesticks with beaded borders, 2 plated Cups and plated Tap.
533 6 large shell patterned Table Forks and 6 Dessert. Ditto.
534 6 plated shell patterned Dessert Spoons and 6 ditto Teaspoons.
535 6 plain plated Table Spoons and large Gravy Spoon.
536 Set of 12 openwork Fish Knives and Forks in walnut case.
537 Plated Hot Water Jug, Wine Strainer, 2 Spirit Lamps and Sundries.
538 6 plated rat tail Dessert Spoons and 4 other pieces.
539 12 plated Teaspoons.
540 13 Ditto.
541 Early plated double Candle Lamp with reflector.
542 Pair of plated Pillar Candlesticks on shaped bases, 9in. high.
543 Pair of telescopic Ditto with gadrooned borders on circular foot ~
544 Circular plated 2 handled Hot Water Dish on 4 claw feet and circular Vegetable Dish and Cover with gadrooned border.
545 Sheffield plated Teapot with dome shaped lid and engraved sides.
546 Plated Water Jug and Sundry Plate.
547 2 plated Bedroom Candlesticks and plated 6 division Toast Rack.
548 30 steel bladed Table Knives with green ivory handles.
549 5 ditto Dessert Knives, pair of Game Carvers, and Carving Knife and Fork-
550 12 various Table Knives with ivory handles and Carving Knife, Fork &: Steel.
551 II various Dessert Knives and 2 Carving Knives and Forks.
552 12 A.I. Plated Table Spoons.
553 12 ditto Table Forks. ~
554 Plated Tea Service of 3 pieces.
555 Jet Necklace, Jet Choker Necklace, 2 Lockets and 5 other pieces in Box.
556 Child's gold Signet Ring, gold Chain and 3 Seals and another Ring.
557 Gold and amethyst Brooch, gold Pin set with 2 pearls, and 2 others
558 Pair of Pins set turquoise, and 3 others.
559 Metal and gilt Pendant Brooch and sundry Tiepins.
560 Pair of pearl Screw Earrings and 4 Tiepins.
561 Sundry Hat Pins, Buttons and Buckle.
562 Barometer, Thermometer and Compass in case, 3 gold Studs in case, and Brooch.
563 Sundry Dress Clips, Powder Compact and pair of Scissors.
564 Fob Watch, Keeper Brooch, Bracelet and Name Brooch.
565 18-ct. gold Fob Watch and Chain.
566 Sundry Necklaces.
567 Gold Horseshoe Brooch set lapis lazuli, and 2 matching Studs in case.
568 STAR BROOCH SET WITH DIAMONDS, weight of diamonds approx. 4~2 carats.
570 PAIR OF GOLD EARRINGS set with pearl and diamonds.
571 Early Coin Bracelet.
572 Ditto.
573 Ditto.
574 Silver Pin Tray, miniature model of Sleigh and Oxen, amber Cigarette Holder in silver Case, 4 various ornamental silver Spoons, small silver Box.
575 Filigree Spray Brooch, silver Buttonhole Brooch and quantity of Buttons.
576 Pendant Brooch set with cornelians.
577 Diamond shaped paste Pendant Brooch and filigree Pendant, set with pearls and coloured stones, and pair of matching Earrings.
578 3 single row imitation Pearl Necklaces.
579 Silver gilt Pendant set with miniature of Lady, turquoise and pearls, and pair of matching Earrings.
580 Pendant set with miniature of Cupid and seed pearls, in case.
581 Small oval Brooch set with miniature of Cupid and seed pearls, and match- ing oblong Ditto.
582 9 strand imitation pearl Choker Necklet.
583 5 strand Ditto.
584 George II Coin set as pendant, 3 gold Studs in case, silver mounted Cigarette Holder and Horseshoe Brooch.
585 18 ct. plain Cold Ring, pair of Pearl Earrings and Diamante Brooch in shape of bird.
586 Star Brooch set with blue zircons, Diamante Brooch, Clip and Buckle.
587 Embossed Memory Ring.
588 Gilt metal Seal and 2 silver Bracelets set with jet and brilliant.
589 Oval Miniature, 2 gilt metal Miniature Cases, mesh Coin Bag, and mother of pearl handled Penknife and Tweezers.
590 Sundry Studs, Pins and Clips.
591 3 jet Brooches set stones, 2 diamante Brooches, silver Thimble and Sundries in Jewel Box.
592 2 tortoiseshell Combs, silver Pencil Holder, Penknife, and sundry Pins, Studs and Buckles in Jewel Case.
593 2 Buckles and 2 others, 5 paste Buckles and 2. paste. Hair Pins.
594 Collection of various Coins.
595 Half-length Miniature of Lady in diamante frame in case.
596 Mosaic Bracelet, 3 Fobs, ivory Card Case, and Piece of Carved Ivory, etc.
597 2 half-length Miniatures in oval frames.
598 Lady's 9 ct. Gold Wrist Watch and expanding bracelet.
599 3 Gold Rings, 2 pairs of Cuff Links and sundry Tie Pins.
600 3 ditto. Gold filled Mesh Purse and Sundries.
600A Gold Watch, 3 sundry Silver Watches and various Pins.
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