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1st NOVEMBER, 1960

967 Piece of Plain Fawn Wilton Carpet, Piece of Axminster Ditto, Rust Wool Doormat and Black Qoorslip.
968 Persian 3 Stripe Bordered Rug with multi coloured centre, 5 ft. 7 in. x 4 ft. 8 in.
969 Mahogany Bedside Cupboard on turned legs.
970 Georgian Design Inlaid Mahogany Bow Fronted Chest of 2 short and 2 long drawers, 2 ft. II in. x I ft. 8 in.
971 Walnut Casket with metal mounts and side handles.
972 Scroll Ended Couch with loose printed linen cover.
973 Mahogany Corner Bracket, Smaller Ditto and Mahogany Framed Hanging Mirror.
974 Brass Bound Mahogany Military Chest fitted 2 short and 3 long drawers, 3 ft. 4 in.
975 Set of 4 White Open Bookshelves and Set of Stained 2 Tier Ditto.
976 Timepiece in Metal Frame and Barometer, and decorated China Table Lamp.
977 3 ft. Brass and Iron Bedstead, Box Spring Mattress, Hair Mattress, 2 Feather Bolsters, and Pillow.
978 2 Down Pillows and Cushion in Needlework Case.
979 Walnut Chest of 5 Drawers with drop brass handles, 3 ft. 6 in.
980 Mahogany Kneehole Dressing Table with 5 Drawers and swing mirror, 3 ft. 6 in.
981 Late Geoirgian Mahogany Washstand fitted with 2 drawers and double cupboard under.
982 Prie Dieu Chair in carved rosewood frame, seat and back covered in Needlework.
983 Folding Table, Hip Bath and Quantity of Toilet Ware.
984 2 Fold Mahogany Towel Airer, Bedrest and Linen Basket.
985 Pair of Oak 2 Tier Open Bookshelves.
986 Mahogany Medicine Cupboard and Small Poker Work corner Cupboard.
987 Mahogany Medicine Cupboard and Folding Armchair covered with Saddle- bags.
988 Ebonised Table with undertier. Rush Seated Stool and Carved Oak Stool.
989 Georgian Mahogany Framed Robing Mirror.
990 Set of Light Oak 2 Tier Bookshelves, Rush Seated Chair and Bed Table.
991 Old Oak Chest of 3 Drawers with carved fronts with bookcase above fitted with pair of mirror doors, 2 ft. 9 in. wide.
992 Old Oak 3 Drawer Writing Table with drop brass mounts and pad feet.
993 Mahogany Framed Commode.
994 Poker work Sewing Chair and Oak Occasional Table with shaped top.
995 Copper Coal Hod with liner. Set of 3 Steel Fitre Implements and Footstool.
996 White Enamelled 2 Tier Mantel Board and 2 Pieces Embossed Brass Panels.
997 18th Century Rosewood Sewing Table fitted with 2 drawers and flap sides on turned legs.
998 Gentleman's Late Georgian Mahogany Wardrobe fitted with pair of panelled doors and 2 short and 2 long drawers under, 4 ft.
999 "Chubbs" Iron Fireproof Safe, 2 ft. I in. x 2 ft. 10 in. high.
1000 White Enamelled 2 Tier Bookshelves, Stained Ditto, 2 Oak Book Racks and Paper Tidy.
1001 Brass Music Rack and 2 Mahogany Table Lamps.
1002 18th Century Rosewood Writing Table fitted with 2 drawers on splay end supports with brass nosed finials, 3 ft. 3% in. x 2 ft.
1003 Persian 3 Stripe Bordered Rug, blue ground with close motif pattern centre, 5 ft. 6 in. x 3 ft. 8 in.
1004 Bordered Wool Hearthrug and 3 Others.
1005 Blue Felt as laid.
1006 Gentleman's Travelling Case with silver mounted bottles, Leather Medicine Case with cut glass bottles and Leather Sewing Box.
1007 3 Tier Open Bookcase, 2 Tier Ditto, Metal Stand and Electric Heater.
1008 Brass Ladle, Reading Lamp, Table Lamp, Brass Bowl and Bell.
1009 Metal Deed Box and 2 Cash Boxes.
1010 Leather Sewing Box.
1011 Brass Mortar and Pestle dated 1673.
1012 Ditto dated 1685 and Another.
1013 3 Large Decorated Parchment "Shades and I other.
1014 3 Large White Silk Lampshades and 4 others.
1015 5 ft. 6 in. Cut Steel Fender, Set of 3 Fire Steels and Japanned Coal Box.
1016 "Belling" 2 Bar Electric Fire and Brass Spark Guard.
1017 Two 4 Fold Screens and Brass Fire Screen.
1018 Heart shaped Poker work Folding Table, Pair of Blow Bellows and small Oak Stool.
1019 Hip Bath, Pouffe, 2 Hassocks, Rubber Ring and Rubber Mat.
1020 Upholstered Leg Rest, Hassock and Footstool.
1021 Inlaid Mahogany Revolving Bookcase.
1022 Mahogany Wine Table with moulded top.
1023 Small Poker work Table, 2 Tier Table and Rosewood Firescreen.
1024 Tortoiseshell Casket containing Miniature Manicure Set with silver mounts.
1025 Inlaid Mahogany Bedroom Suite comprising: 6 ft. 3 in. Hanging Wardrobe with centre mirror panel enclosing sliding shelves and drawers with end hanging compartment.
Kneehole Dressing Table fitted with 7 drawers, 4 jewel drawers and swing mirror and Washstand. Bedside Cupboard, 2 Cane Seated Chairs and Mahogany Towel Rail,
1026 Upholstered Couch with loose cretonne cover and cushion.
1027 "Foots" Invalid Chair.
1028 Ditto.
1029 Late 18th Century Rosewood Writing Table with inset leather top, 2 drawers on end supports and claw feet, 4 ft. 6 in. x 2 ft. 9 in.
1030 5 ft. 6 in. Brass Rail End Bedstead, $';Overlays and Bolster.
1081 2 Feather Pillows.
1032 2 Ditto and Bolster.
1033 3 Feather Pillows.
1034 Sheepskin Rug.
1035 Mahogany Bedside Chest Commode.
1036 Baize Top Folding Table and Small 2 Fold Screen.
1037 Upholstered Armchair with loose linen cover.
1038 Ditto.
1039 2 Reading.Lamps and Sundry Toilet Ware.
1040 2 Cane Seated Chairs and Plain Linen 4 Fold Draught Screen.
1041 Gentleman's Late 18th Century Inlaid Mahogany Wardrobe with shaped pediment, the upper portion fitted with pair of astragal moulded and panelled doors with oval panels of musical instruments, with 2 long and 2 short drawers on bracket feet. 4 ft. 3 in. wide.
1042 Chippendale Mahogany Pedestal Table with pie crust top, fluted and turned column on tripod supports with acanthus leaf carved knees and claw and ball feet, 27 in. diameter.
1043 18th Century Mahogany Pembroke Table with oval top and two fall leaves fitted with drawer on square tapering and moulded legs and brass cup castors.
1044 Pair of Turned Mahogany Table Lamps and Brass Table Lamp.
1045 Bed Table, White Painted Plant Stand and Sundries.
1046 Rosewood Pedestal Table with shaped top and spiral column.
1047 Turkey Bordered Carpet, grey ground with close motif patterned centre, 12 ft. 3 in. x II ft. 4 in.
1048 Close Pattern Axminster Carpeting as fitted to room.
1049 Carved Wood and Gilt Display Panel fitted with china shelves.
1050 Pair of Figured Linen Lined Curtains and shaped pelmet.
1051 Ditto.
1052 Ditto.
1053 Matching Door Curtain with brass portiere rod.
1054 2 Down Cushions in crimson silk covers and Another.
1055 3 Red Velvet Window Seat Cushions and 3 Various Cushions.
1056 Silk Embroidery Panel depicting Peacock.
1057 Small Oriental Wood and Gilt 5 Panel Screen.
1058 Pair of 6 in. Brass Candlesticks,. Odd Ditto, Brass String Box and Bell.
1059 2 Brass Reading Lamps, 3 Hatstands and Sundiries.
1060 Brass Candlestick with mother of pearl bowl, Ormolu Bell, 2 Brass Matchboxes, Brass Stand and String Box.
1061 Brass Carriage Clock.
1062 Brass Bedroom Candlestick, Pair of Snuffers and Brass Matchstand.
1065 4 ft. 4 in. Brass Rail Curb and 2 Bar Electric Fire.
1066 Lady's Late Georgian Mahogany Work Table with flap sides fitted with 2 drawers on turned legs.
1067 "Baird" 9 ip. Screen Television Set.
1068 2 Turned Wood Reading Lamps, Folding Luggage Stand and Book Rack.
1069 Blue Bordered Hearthrug and Sundry Carpeting.
1070 Wireless Receiving Set in walnut case and 2 Turned Wood Reading Lamps.
1071 3 ft. Mahogany Rail End Bedstead, Box Spring Mattress and Wool Overlay.
1072 Feather Bolster and 2 Pillows.
1073 Couch with loose printed linen cover.
1074 Upholstered Armchair with loose printed linen cover and cushion.
1075 Georgian Mahogany Fall Leaf Table with reeded edge on chamfered supports.
1076 Birchwood Bedroom Suite comprising: 6 ft. Wardrobe with centre mirror door, enclosing sliding trays and drawers with end hanging compart- ment, Dressing Table fitted with 2 drawers and swing mirror; Wash- stand; Bedside Cupboard and I Chair.
1077 Quantity of Blue and White Toilet Ware and Water Can.
1078 2 Pairs of Printed Linen Lined Curtains.
1079 Circular Alarm Clock and Sundries.
1080 Brass 3 Branch Ceiling Light.
1081 Two Child's Ebonised Cane seated Chairs and cane seated Stool.
1082 Blue Ground Axminster Carpeting with all over diamond pattern, 14 ft.6 in. x 14 ft. 4 in.
1083 Brassbound Rosewood Writing Box and small 4 fold white enamelled Screen and Sundries.

1086 "Belling" Circular Electric Heater, Japanned Coal Box and Oak Framed Wall Mirror.
1087 Georgian Mahogany Pedestal Table with shaped top on tripod base. .
1088 Mahogany Circular Bedside Cupboard.
1089 Gentleman's Georgian Mahogany Wardrobe, enclosed by pair of panelled doors with 2 short and 3 long drawers under, on turned feet, 4 ft. wide.
1090 Mahogany Washstand fitted with 2 drawers and a quantity of green and white toilet ware.
1091 White Enamelled Cork Topped Stool, Cane Seated Chair, small mat, hassock, bathrack and weighing machine.
1092 Lady's Upholstered Chair with loose printed linen cover.
1093 Small Travelling Clock in brass and leather case.
1094 Pair Decorated Wood Candlesticks, 17 in. high.
1095 4 ft. Brass Rail Fender and Electric Heater.
1096 2 Bar Reflector Heater.
1097 Pair of Green Dtecorated Table Lamps fitted for electric light and Sundries.
1098 Pier Glass in Carved gilt frame surmounted by basket of fruit and flowers, 5 ft. 8 in. x 6 ft. 4 in.
1099 Late Georgian Mahogany Wardrobe upper portion enclosed by 2 panelled doors with 2 short and 2 long drawers under, 4 ft. 7 in. wide.
1100 Birch Bedside Cupboard and 3 Cane Seated Chairs.
1101 3 ft. 6 in. Oak Slatted end Bedstead with mesh mattress, wool overlay and feather bolster.
1102 3 ft. Dunlopillo Rubber Mattress.
1103 2 ft. 9 in. Birchwood Hanging Wardrobe with centre mirror door.
1104 4 ft. Mahogany Dressing Table fitted with 2 drawers and mahogany swing Toilet Mirror.
1105 Upholstered Arm Chair with Loose Cover and Cushion.
1106 Victorian Walnut Writing Table with inset leather top fitted 2 drawers and end supports united by stretchers, 3 ft. 6 in.
1107 2 Pairs of Printed Linen Lined Curtains.
1108 Bordered Turkey Carpet, crimson ground (worn) 14 ft. 10 in. xl3 ft. 5 in.
1109 3 Fold Screen, Mahogany Towel Rail, decorated Table Lamp and quan- tity of Toilet Ware.
1110 Late Georgian Inlaid Mahogany Specimen Table with glazed top and " drawer. UII
1112 Pair of Iron Firedogs, brass rail Spark Guard, Japanned Coal Box, and folding Luggage Rack.
1113 "Belling" Circular Electric Heater.
1114 Upholstered Couch with loose printed cretonne cover.
1115 Upholstered Armchair with loose printed linen cover.
1116 Lady's ditto.
1117 4 Walnut framed Victorian Single Chairs.
1118 5 ft. 6 in. Brass Rail ended Bedstead, 3 Wool overlays, Bolster and 2 Feather Pillows.
1119 Oak 2 handled Tray with plated galleried sides.
1120 Embossed Copper Plaque with 2 branch brass candle holder, brass jar- diniere, bell, Vesta Holder, Burmese brass gong, and Metal Pen Tray and Sundries.
1121 Brass Reading Lamp and Shade.
1122 Birchwood Bedroom Suite comprising: 6 ft. Wing Wardrobe with centre minror door. Dressing Table and Washstand.
1123 Birchwood Chest of 4 short drawers and 3 long, 4 ft. wide.
1124 Pair of Birchwood Bedside Cupboards, 2 cane seated chairs and towel rail.
1125 Spode China Double Toilet Service and Mahogany Towel Rail.
1126 Pair of Late 18th Century Mahogany Bookracks the upper portion fitted with 2 reeded shelves with double cupboard and I drawer below, 2 ft. I in. wide.
1127 Late Georgian Inlaid Mahogany Corner Washstand and 4 pieces of blue and white toilet ware.
1128 Very Fine Early 18th Century Mahogany Sofa Table, with cross banded top, 2 drawers on swept enu supports with plain brass nose castors, united by bow stretcher with original brass mounts, 3 ft. 3 in. x 2 ft. 4 in. extending to 5 ft. 2 in.
1129 Pair of Regency decorated -Arm chairs with shaped back and arms on fluted supports, seat, back and arms upholstered in printed linen.
1180 Pair of Regency decorated single ditto.
1131 Elegant Satinwood China Cabinet with pair of glazed and astragal moulded doors and sides, 2 ft. 2 in.-x I ft. IVz in.
1132 Mahogany framed 3 fold Screen with shaped glazed panels above and regency striped tapestry panels below.
1133 Late Georgian Mahogany framed Cheval Mirror on end supports and turned feet.
1134 Travelling Clock in brass case.
1135 2 Turned Wood Reading Lamps, I decorated ditto and Wicker Paper Tidy.
1136 Pair of Urn shaped Mahogany Reading Lamps. U~_ Fine Quality Axminster Border ed Carpet, blue ground with all over motif pattern, 16 ft. 5 in. x 15 ft. 5 in.
1138 Axminster Bordered Hearthrug, 6 ft. 6 in. x 3 ft. 3 in.
1139 Pair of printed linen lined Curtains and Ties.
1140 Ditto.
1141 Small Sheraton Shield Shaped Inlaid Mahogany Toilet Mirror.
1142 4 Down Cushions with Crimson Silk covers.
1143 Small glazed and gilt Specimen Cabinet and Mosaic Inkstand:
1144 5 Piece Stationery Set and Bubble glass Vesta Holder.

1145 Pair of Lacquered Camphorwood Chests with domed lids, decorated with oriental scenes on carved wood stands, 2 ft. 5% in. wide.
1146 Oak Occasional Table with triangular drop leaf on turned legs w.c. . - '
1147 Mahogany Corner Bracket. Small Mirror, White Painted~Vall Shelf, Wool Mat and Sundry Door Slips
1148 Bamboo 3 tier Occasional Table inset blue and white tiles, large log box aud towel rail.
1149 Hoover Junior Electric Vacuum Cleaner.
1150 Ewbank Carpet Sweeper, 2 Water Cans, Galvanised Coke Scuttle. Brush and Mop.
1151 Ironing Board, Sleeve Board and another.
1152 Mahogany Boot Cupboard with plate Glass top,. 3 ft. I in. wide.
1153 Painted Deal Cupboard with pair of panelled doors enclosing 3 shelves, 2 ft. 5Vi in. wide.
1154 Belling Circular Electric Convecto Heater and Set of 5 Steps.
1155 Brass mounted wire Fender 3 ft. 10 in. wide and 3 steel fire implements.
1156 I Bar Electric Radiator and Japanned Coal Box.
1157 Mantel Clock in painted case and pair of Brass Pillar Candlesticks, 10 in. high.
1158 Ebonised Pole Screen and Occasional Chair with cane seat and back.
1159 Set of 12 Regency Cane Seated Chairs with Tudor Rose decoration.
1160 Lady's Upholstered Chair with .loose cover and Child's Chair with rush seat.
1161 Oak Timepiece and Mahogany Reading Lamp.
1162 Mahogany Bireakfront Sideboard with 4 panelled doors enclosing shelves and with marble top, 7 ft. I in. wide.
1163 Brass Oil Lamp with shade;, converted to electric light and another.
1164 Inlaid Mahogany Tea Caddy, small inlaid Mahogany Jewel Box and another.
1165 Oak Display Shelf, 7 ft. 6 in. wide.
1166 Set of 3 painted open fronted Wall Bookshelves and another.
1167 Oak Wing Wardrobe with side hanging compartments, pair. of centre panelled doors enclosing 5 sliding trays and with 2 short and 3 long drawers, below 8 ft. wide.
1168 Wicker Occasional Table, old portable wireless in leather case, and oil filled electric panelled Radiator,
1169 18th Century Mahogany Upholstered Elbow Chair.
1170 Small Oval Tea Table on turned baluster and tripod support and octagonal occasional table.
1171 Wing Easy Chair with loose cover and 2 loose cushions.
1172 Upholstered Couch with loose cover and 3 cushions.
1173 Deal Box and Contents with loose cushion and 2 octagonal occasional Tables.
1174 Oak Drop Leaf Dining Table on turned columns and castors, extending to 3 ft. 5 in. wide.
1175 Dyed Blue Carpet and 3 hearthrugs (worn).
1176 2 Boxes of Victorian Dolls Furniture.
1177 2 Work Baskets and Sundry Toys.
1178/1180 Sundry Toys (3 lots).
1181 4 Small Brass Jardinieres, pair of Brass Candlesticks with 4 claw feet, 6Vz in. high, brass chamber Candlestick, Matchbox Holder and Sundries.
1182 Small Copper Kettle, 5 Metal Animals, Cow Bell and Sundries.
1183 Brass Clock studded with turquoise.
1184 Pair of floral linen Curtains and 2 pairs of Net Curtains.
1185 Pair of Painted Wooden Plaques and Desk Sundries.
1186 Overmantel Mirror ingiltwood frame, 4 ft. 6 in. x 2 ft. 9% in.
1187 Sundry Toilet Ware.
1188 Ditto.
1189 Ditto.
1190 Red and Gilt Lacquered Tray and Brass Electric Table Lamp.
1191 Victorian Miniature Rocking Chair and Miniature Chest of 3 drawers and Sundries.
1194 Brass mounted wire Fire Guard, 6 steel fire implements, I bar electric fire and coal cauldron.
1195 3 ft. 9 in. Satin Walnut Chest of 2 short and 3 long drawers and swing Toilet Mirror.
1196 Satin Walnut Wing Wardrobe with side hanging compartment, pair of panelled doors enclosing 4 sliding trays and with 2 short and 2 long drawers below, 7 ft. 10 in. wide.
1197 White Painted Cheval Mirror.
1198 Pair of Single Brass Bedsteads, 3 ft. wide, each with 2 overlays.
1199 3 ft. 6 in. Rubber Mattress with detachable cover and 2 other Mattresses.
1200 Satin Walnut Bedside Cupboard with marble top, 2 Washstands, corner Linen Basket and Waste Paper Tidy.
1201 Wicker Armchair and Octagonal Occasional Table with undertier.
1202 18th Century Inlaid Mahogany Swing Toilet Mirror with 3 trinket drawers, 2 ft. 2 in. wide.
1203 Oak Side Table with drawer on square legs, 2 ft. 9 in. wide.
1204 Pen and Ink Stand, 2 Table Lamps and set of small white painted Book- shelves.
1205 2 Mahogany Bookshelves and copper electric Bowl Fire.
1206 Persian Hearthrug (worn) and Sundry Carpeting.
1207 Pair of Green Brocade Curtains and Portiere Curtain.
1208 Pair of Pewter Candlesticks, 6% in. high.
1209 3 ft. 9 in. Brass mounted Wire Fender, wire Spark Guard, 2 bar electric Radiator and small 3 fold Screen.
1210 Painted Chest of 2 short and 2 long drawers, 2 ft. 10 in. wide, swing Toilet Mirror and Washstand.
1211 Sundry Toilet Ware.
1212 Large Black Painted Corner Cupboard with pair of panelled doors painted with birds and nests and with 2 small drawers above, 3 ft. 7 in. wide.
1213 Birds Eye Maple Hanging Wardrobe, 3 ft. 6 in. wide.
1214 18th Century Mahogany Pembroke Table on square tapering legs, 3 ft. wide.
1215 Frister and Rossman Hand Sewing Machine in case.
1216 Chaise Longue with loose cover and mahogany Bedside Cupboard.
1217 Ebonised and ormolu bracket with gallerfed surround, 3 ft. wide.
1218 Brass Carriage Clock.
1219 Mahogany Reading Lamp, Brass and Walnut Book Rack, Footstool, small oak octagonal occasional table aid paper tidy.
1220 Pair of Red Lacquer Candlesticks on turned wood bases, 18% in. high.
1221 Small Ebonised Corner Cupboard with painted centre panel.
1222 Pair of 18th Century half round Mahogany Side Tables on square tapering legs and castors
1223 Victorian Mahogany Upholstered Armchair and 2 loose cushions.
1224 3 ft. 6 in. Painted Iron Bedstead and 2 overlays.
1225 2 Pairs of Creen Velour Curtains and Porti'ere Curtain.
1226 Green Axminster Carpet as fitted and Rug.
1227 Overmantel Mirror with rope and tassel decorated border, 4 ft. 9 in. x 3 ft. 10 in. overall.
1228 "Welltime" Alarm Clock and small Clock.
1230 Walnut Davenport with marquetry inlay.
1231 Mahogany Washstand with 3 drawers on square tapering legs, 3 ft. wide.
1232 Oak side Table on square tapering legs, 2 ft. 9 in. wide.
1233 Satin Walnut Chest of 2 short and 3 long drawers, 3 ft. 10 in. wide, small ' Pine Cupboard and small Pine Side Table on turned legs,
1234 Walnut Casket with ormolu brass mounts and Rosewood Writing Box.
1235 Painted Wooden Coal Bucket and 2 Painted Stools.
1236 Walnut 2 Tier Whatnot with Cupboard below, enclosed by glazed door.
1237 5 Cane Seated Chairs and Satin Walnut Bedside Cupboard.
1238 Mahogany Firescreen with fall leaf and small 4 fold embroidered Silk Screen.
1239 Pair of Brass Pole Screens on ebonised tripod supports.
1240 Bamboo Occasional Table, Octagonal Occasional Painted Table and Swing Mirror.
1241 4 Fold Silk Draught Screen with gold thread embroidery of leaves, flowers and birds.
1242 Dressmakers Dummy, Embroidery Frame on stand, brass mounted Fender and Sundry Steel Fire Irons.
1243 18th Century 8 day Grandfather Clock in mahogany case with brass and silvered dial by William Rich, London.
1244 Iron Chest and Sundries.
1245 Quantity of Paint Boxes, Sketching Blocks, Mounts, Paint Brushes and Sundries.
1246 Mahogany Chest of 2 short and 3 long drawers, 3 ft. 9 in. wide.
1247 18th Century Mahogany Tallboy Chest, the upper portion with 3 short and 3 long drawers with canted corners, and with 3 long drawers below on bracket feet, 3 ft. 5 in. wide.
1248 18th Century 8 day Grandfather Clock in Walnut Case with brass dial and Moon phase and date movement by William Mayhew, Woodbridge.
1249 Set of Mahogany Open Bookshelves 3 ft. wide, set of 3 painted Steps and 2 fold decorated draught screen.
1250 Canvas Garden Armchair and Rubber cushion.
1251 Mahogany Chest of 2 short and 3 long drawers, 3 ft. 5 in. wide.
1252 Davy Automatic Fire Escape.
1253 2 rope Fire Escapes.
1254 Brass 3 fold Wire Spark Guard, bow fronted Spark Guard and 2 bar Radiator.
1255 Ash Wardrobe with side hanging compartment and with pair of panelled doors enclosing 4 sliding trays, and with 2 short and 2 long drawers below, 6 ft. 2 in. wide. Dressing Table, Washstand, Swing Toilet Mirror and Bedside Cupboard.
1256 Bamboo 3 tier Dumb Waiter, 2 cane seated Chairs, 2 fold Screen and Dressmakers Dummy.
1257 Mahogany Pembroke Table on turned legs, 3 ft. wide.
1258 2 Dog Baskets, 2 footstools, 3 fold draught screen and dressmakers dummy.
1259 Bordered Axminster Carpet, 9 ft. x 7 ft. 6 in., blue ground with all over motif pattern.
1260 Quantity of Toilet Ware.
1261 3 ft. Brass and Iron Bedstead with 2 overlays and sundries.
1262 Deck Chair and folding Cane Chair.
1264 Inlaid Mahogany Music Cabinet with double panelled door on square tapered legs.
1265 Gentleman's Wardrobe fitted with sliding trays, 2 long and 2 short drawers with end hanging compartment.
1266 Maple Kneehole Dressing Table fitted with 9 drawers and loose oval swing mirror, 4 ft. wide.
1267 Mahogany Dressing Table fitted with 2 drawers. Towel Rail, Bedside Cupboard with drawer under and painted two tier Cupboard.
1268 Walnut framed cane seated Chair, Carved Oak Stool and Cane Seated Stool.
1269 Set of White Enamelled Bookshelves, Poker Work Medicine Cupboard and 4 Fold Screen.
1270 Upholstered Couch with loose linen cover and Wicker Arm Chair with loose chintz cover.
1271 Ebonised Octagonal Bedside Table, Folding Table and metal Bed Rest.
1272 Mahogany Bedside Cupboard and Small Mahogany Medicine Cupboard.
1273 Rosewood Inlaid Occasional Table with shaped top and undertier.
1274 Brass and Iron Bedstead and 2 Wool Overlays and Sundries.
1275 Axminster Crimson Ground Carpet with close leaf pattern.
1277 Walnut Davenport.
1278 Stained Deal Chest of 2 short and 3 long drawers, 3 ft. 6 in. wide, 2 Wash- stands and Towel Rail.
1279 Ash Chest of 2 short and 3 long drawers, painted octagonal Occasional Table and swing Toilet Mirror.
1280 Inlaid Mahogany Music Stool.
1281 Ash Bedside Cupboard with marble top, carved wall bracket and deal Wall Cupboard.
1282 "Cotswold" Collapsible Bed Table, set of 3 Tread Steps and Smokers Companion Stand.
1283 Invalid Chair, Cane Seated Chair and Wall Barometer.
1284 Piece of Axminster Carpet and Sundry Mats.
1285 Brass Mounted Wire Fender, 3 ft. 6 in., 3 fire implements, Japanned Coal Box, and 2 bar electric Radiator.
1286 Oak Table with side flaps and drawer on square legs, 3 ft. 8 in. wide.
1287 Ash side Table on turned legs and 2 cane seated Chairs.
1288 Singer Treadle Sewing Machine.
1289 Ditto Hand Sewing Machine.
1290 Ash Wardrobe with pair of panelled doors enclosing hanging compartment, 3 ft. II in. wide, and Chest of 2 short and 2 long drawers.
1291 Stained Deal Wardrobe with pair of panelled doors enclosing shelves and 3 drawers below, 4 ft. 2 in. wide.
1292 Oak side Table with drawer on tapering legs, 3 ft. wide.
1293 "Brumonia" Hand Sewing Machine in case.
1294 Deal Table, Washstand, Clothes Horse, Bedside Cabinet and 3 ft. Iron Bedstead with 3 overlays.
1295 Lady's Occasional Armchair with loose cover,
1296 2 Fold Screen and Large Dog Basket.
1297 Mahogany Swing Toilet Mirror, Oak Table Lamp and mahogany Watch Stand.
1298 4 Victorian Walnut Framed Chairs. '
1299 Sundry Carpeting.

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