This extract from Cox's "Derbyshire Churches" was kindly given to me by Mrs Partridge of Rosliston


Dear Mr Mizuro,
You may recall that I met you in August when I visited Caldwell with some friends to show them where I was evacuated to in 1940. You mentioned at that time your website detailing the social history so I have put together a few memories which may be of interest..
I was evacuated along with my brother when I was aged three and a half and he was aged seven. Although neither of us can remember the journey we were taken to Burton on Trent and allocated to local families. I went to Caldwell and my brother went to a family in Rosliston. Children from the same family were supposed to be kept together so I assume no one had room for two. I have a vague recollection of staying the first night in one of the cottages opposite Priory Farm but the next day Mrs Fearn from the farm asked me if I would like to stay with her family. I can distinctly remember Mrs Fearn asking me what I would like to call her and replying `Mummy`. However, she said she had a grandaughter - Nora - who called her Gran, so I called her Gran for the next 5 years. I had a very happy time at the farm and was always treated like a member of the family. Nora and I always played together and with the children from Craddocks Farm, although I cannot remember their names. I can remember Italian prisoners of war working on the farm and sitting in the kitchen making baskets. I can also remember a Jewish lady, I believe Mrs Shapiro, staying at the farm for a few days. I went to school in Rosliston and can remember walking accross the 3 fields to the school. On Summer days we used to stop and pick wild flowers to take back to the farm. I only have happy memories of my days at Priory Farm and even when my parents came from Birmingham to visit I never wanted to back home with them. My brother, on the other hand, was not so lucky and was moved to several places in and around Rosliston. Although we both went to Rosliston School neither of us can remember meeting there. I have been back to Caldwell over the years, once when I was about 16 by when Mrs Fearne had moved to the other side of the road to a cottage she called Linden Lea. I have sent separately a photo taken in Burton on Trent around 1943/4 - my younger brother was too young to be evacuated but came with my parents occasionally. As you can imagine, I found your website very interesting and I hope some of the above memories may be of interest to your readers. I would be pleased to try and answer any questions but regret that I have no other photos from that time.
Regards.... Anne Rowley.
At the time I was Anne RHODES and my brother was Tony.