This page contains references to Caldwell from a variety of old sources
Extract from "The King's England - Derbyshire", published in June 1949 by Hodder & Stoughton.
The Echo of War
CALDWELL. This quiet place of a few homes, an old great house, and a small church made almost new, was old over 600 years ago when a king and his earls halted here a while. It was Edward the Second in pursuit of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, who was at Burton five miles away. They met soon afterwards at Boroughbridge, where the earl was taken and beheaded.
One touch of beauty older even than that touch of war has this little place,for here is something from the church the Normans found - three tiny Saxon lights, two in the nave and one in the chancel. They are the chief possesion of Caldwell. For its last twenty years this little light of a thousand years in the chancel has had as company a beautiful reredos of translucent alabaster, with traceried panels and handsome carving of vine and grape, crowned by two angels.
Echoes of other wars we found here. Two of three alabaster stones to the Sanders family are to the parents of Colonel Thomas Sanders who fought for Parliament against Charles Stuart in the Civil War. A Kempe window is in memory of a soldier killed at Mafeking in the South African War; another window has the regimental badges of four men who died for us in the Great War.
In the west window are two medallions of old glass from Nuremberg, one showing the Resurrection with the Roman soldiers round the tomb, the other with Joab slaying Abner.

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