Fields and Lanes

The following photographs were taken by Miss Blanche Milligan, around the turn of the century or early 1900's

Looking down the fields towards Rosliston'

'Caldwoods looking from the Rosliston end towards Caldwell

'The Private Rd to Caldwell, through the wood'

The same view as above, but in winter

'The Private Road from Rosliston to Caldwell
through the woods in Winter, looking from Rosliston towards Caldwell'

It is actually looking from Caldwell towards Rosliston.
Compare the gate and stile with the two pictures above.

Go through the gate above to arrive here.

'Field on the left of the path to Rosliston'

'Caldwell, The Anclose
Caldwell Hall just visible in centre of picture,
Early 1900's '

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