Nene Mizuro - Freelance Professional Florist
(National Certificate of Professional Floristry)

Funeral Flowers   Free delivery within 5 miles of Swadlincote, South Derbyshire or collection from Church Farm.

Personal orders only. Please phone Nene on 01283 760750 for prices and to discuss your requirements.

Coffin sprays
Coffin sprays

Coffin sprays


Single ended coffin spraySingle ended sprayDouble ended spray

Small open poseyOpen posies

Open posies

Open Rings

Open Rings

Open Rings

Massed Cross with spray

Massed heart with sprayMassed heart with spray and GRANDADOpen Rose Heart

Massed Cushion with sprayMassed PillowModern pink pillow


RAF roundelStaffordshire knotButterfly
ChapletOpen bookModern heart
We can design most shapes to meet your requirements, eg leaping trout (for a fisherman),spanner (for a mechanic), etc.
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