Rosliston and Caldwell Gardening Club.

Keith and his garden were featured in the Reader's Garden section of the October 2000 issue of Garden Answers magazine.

"Meet Keith Thompson, a man with a refreshingly practical approach to gardening. By merging beauty with common sense he's ended up with a haven that looks after itself.
Well, almost..."

Keith is a member of the Rosliston Village in Bloom committee, which has seen Rosliston village win many prizes in recent years.



I tried to fix my garden; I tried with all my might,
I planned it and I fantasised but couldn't get it right.
So I sent for the Ground Force from the B.B.C.,
And arranged for Charlie Dimmock to fulfil my fantasy.

They came to make a video and said it was a tip,
Then when the wife had gone away they came round with a skip.
I didn't tell the neighbours that my wife had gone away,
And hoped they didn't notice Charlie Dimmock came to stay.

Alan Tichmarsh made a plan of how it would turn out.
I took the plan and studied it; began to have some doubt.
Did I really need a winding path? I'd wait to see the proof,
And did I really need to have a gazebo with no roof!!

So they built a wooden structure that didn't have a function,
And laid a railway sleeper track that looked like Clapham Junction.
Charlie built a water feature edged round with sandstone blocks.
The producer had to get a shot of Charlie lifting rocks.

But things weren't going quite to plan, they were filming all in vain.
The viewers might not get the point, the producer prayed for rain.
A downpour duly happened which made the work demanding,
The garden looked a quagmire but Charlie looked outstanding.

Tommy said he'd go on strike but Alan said "By 'eck!
To get above the puddles we'll have to build a deck."
So while I'd gone to fetch the wife and without even checking,
They fetched a load of timber and covered it with decking.

So now the gardens finished and my wife is back once more.
She took one look and blurted out, "It looked better as before."
But Alan's plant is looking good; Tom's gazebo looks alright,
But its Charlie's water feature that I dream about at night.

So now the garden's finished but the house needs some attention,
There's building work and D.I.Y. too numerous to mention.
My wife just won't believe that I will finish it some day,
So she's sending me on holiday while Tommy comes to stay.

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