Rosliston and Caldwell Gardening Club.

Past Programmes


19th SeptemberInaugural Meeting at the Bull's Head. Talk by Bernard Salt
21st OctoberGeoff Bates on "Garden Design".
25th NovemberDavid Locke, a talk and demonstration on "House Plants".
16th DecemberAnn Liverman, an evening presentation.


20th JanuaryAilsa Jackson, "The Chelsea Challenge".
17th FebruaryDavid Mountford, "Alpines".
15th MarchPaul Marbrow, "Water Gardens".
21st AprilPamela Gordon, "Historic Derbyshire Gardens".
19th MayEvening visit to Glenda Ritchie
16th JuneEvening visit to Mr and Mrs Pegram
21st JulyEvening visit to Bluebell Arboretum, Annwell Lane, Smisby, Ashby.
18th AugustEvening visit to Mr and Mrs Hargreaves
15th SeptemberAnnual General Meeting,
Talk by Barry Harber, "Making the most of a small garden".
20th OctoberGlenda Ritchie. "My favourite plants".
17th NovemberBob Brown, "Herbaceous Plants".
15th DecemberGardening Fun Night. Our Christmas Party.


19th JanuaryDouglas Lockhead, Field House Alpines, Gotham. "Primulas and Auriculas".
16th FebruaryMr Kennedy, Midland Tree Surgeons
15th MarchSteve Biggins, National Trust, Calke Abbey. "Calke Abbey Gardens".
19th AprilBernard Salt on "Propagation".
17th MayEvening visit to Selvam Webster
21st JuneStrawberry Tea at Keith Thompson's
19th JulyEvening visit to Ailsa Jackson's Yellow Book Garden
16th AugustEvening visit to Mr and Mrs T. Adam's Yellow Book Garden
20th SeptemberAnnual General Meeting,
Talk by Hazel Kaye, Kaye's Garden Nurseries, Rearsby on "Gardens of the East Midlands".
18th OctoberMartin Fish, a demonstration of winter hanging baskets, plus "The making of a TV Garden".
15th NovemberCharles Brown, wildlife photographer. "Up the Okavango".
20th DecemberGardening Fun Night, with David Edwards on the organ.


17th JanuaryJeff Bates, "Windsor Gardens".
21st FebruaryMr M.G.H.Russell, "The Norfolk Circle". The gardens of Norfolk.
21st MarchBernard Salt. "Any Questions".
18th AprilMrs T.Adams. "The History of the Yellow Book, the National Gardens Scheme."
16th MayEvening visit to Broomfield College, Morley, Derby. Entrance 2.00
Leave Rosliston Village Hall at 6.30pm for 7pm
13th JuneEvening visit to Les and Jean Gilbert's. Leave Rosliston Village Hall at 6.45pm for 7pm
20th JuneStrawberry Tea at Nene and Rick Mizuro's at 7pm. 2.00. More info from Nene Mizuro
Cancelled as a Foot and Mouth precaution
To be held at Mrs Marbrow's, Rosliston
11th JulyEvening visit to Mrs P. Adkins. Admission 1.50 to this Yellow Book Garden.
Leave Rosliston Village Hall at 6.30pm for 7pm
15th AugustEvening visit to Garden King, Newhall at 7pm. Advice & refreshments available.
19th SeptemberAnnual General Meeting,
Talk by Mike Baldwin, Broomfield College, on "Water Gardens".
17th OctoberMr Geoffrey Smith. "Behind the scenes at Chelsea, an exhibitor's experience over 14 years".
21st NovemberLen Salt, Birmingham Botanic Gardens. "Creating interest in a small garden".
12th DecemberGardening Fun Night. Our Christmas Party, with entertainment


16th JanuarySelvam Webster, talking about "My Garden".
20th FebruaryBernard Allen. "My garden - fuschias, begonias & geraniums".
20th MarchAnn Bird, from the British Rose Society. "Roses for pleasure".
17th AprilDavid Tideswell from Radio Derby. "Garden Birds".
15th MayStewart Allen of Garden King - "Unusual hanging baskets".
19th JuneStrawberry Tea at Nene & Rick Mizuro at 7p.m. Entrance 2.
17th JulyEvening visit to Country Lady Nursery, Gentleshaw. Depart Rosliston Village Hall 6.15 for 7p.m..
21st AugustEvening visit to Longford Hall, Longford, DERBY. Entry to grounds via Gatehouse, please.
Entrance 3.75 includes refreshments. Depart Rosliston Village Hall 6.15 for 7pm.
18th SeptemberAnnual General Meeting.
Mr Wood - "Thatching, a talk and demonstration of tools and techniques".
16th OctoberGlenda Ritchie - "The Eden Project".
20th NovemberFrancis Mizuro & Anne Liverman - "Any Questions".
11th DecemberDavid Locke - "History in the Garden".


15th January"Christmas Party", with skittles.
26th January
Jeff Bates - a pruning demonstration at Ivy Salt's
9.30 to 11.30. Come along and have a go!
19th FebruaryMike Baldwin, Broomfield College - "Creating gardens for Gardener's World Live"
19th MarchDes Martin - "Bamboos, their varieties and culture"
16th AprilGeoff Bates - "Clematis and Climbers"
21st MayEvening visit to Bretby Nursery. Meet at 7pm.
18th JuneStrawberry tea with Mr & Mrs Blake, Lullington
16th JulyEvening visit to Mr & Mrs J. Barker
20th AugustEvening visit to Mr & Mrs Harber
17th SeptemberAnnual General Meeting.
Stewart Dixon, TV broadcaster - "Hebbs Farm".
15th OctoberKate Wood - "Gardens to visit throughout the year"
19th NovemberMr Wood - "Thatching, a demonstration of tools & techniques."
10th DecemberBarry Harber - "The dry garden"


21st JanuaryChristmas Party, with skittles
18th FebruaryDavid Mountfort - "Dwarf bulbs"
17th MarchHazel Kaye, Kaye's Nursery, Rearsby - "Shady Endeavours."
21st AprilDavid Locke, plant adviser at Byrkeley Park Garden Centre - "Seeds & sowing demonstration"
19th MayEvening visit to Staunton Harold Nurseries, nr. Ashby. Leave Rosliston Village Hall at 6.30pm.
Mostly undercover if wet. Discount on plants. Tea or coffee and biscuits 1.
16th JuneStrawbery Tea at Church Farm, Caldwell (Nene & Rick Mizuro) at 7pm. Entrance 2
21st JulyEvening visit to Mr & Mrs J. Kingslake at East Lawns, School Lane, Hints, nr Tamworth.
Refreshments. Donation to charity. Leave Rosliston Village Hall at 6.30pm.
18th AugustEvening visit to Mr & Mrs Robinson, Sycamore Farm, Church Broughton Road, Foston.
Entrance 1.50. Refreshments. Leave Rosliston Village Hall at 6.30pm.
15th SeptemberAnnual General Meeting
"Calke Abbey" - Norman Clarke, formerly the Estate Manager.
20th October"Gardens of the Riviera" - Lucy Clemson, horticultural lecturer.
17th November"Colour in the Winter Garden" - Jeff Bates.
15th December"Irish Gardens, an illustrated talk" - John Page.


19th JanuaryChristmas Party, with skittles
16th February"Perennials for Herbaceous Borders, an illustrated talk" - Stuart Dixon, horticultural lecturer,
writer and broadcaster.
16th March"Flowers of the French Alps" - David Mountfort, wild flower photographer and dwarf plant enthusiast.
20th April"The gardens at Haddon Hall, an illustrated talk" - Tom Pope, head gardener.
18th MayEvening visit to Mr & Mrs Browne. Leave village hall 6.30 pm
15th JuneStrawbery Tea with Nene & Rick Mizuro at 7pm. Entrance 2.50
20th JulyEvening visit to Alice Betts. Leave village Hall 6.30 pm.
17th AugustEvening visit to Mr & Mrs Harvey. Leave village Hall 6.30 pm.
21st SeptemberAnnual General Meeting
"All potted up", creating long lasting potted displays by Anne Liverman.
19th OctoberLinda Smith will give an illustrated talk on water features, ranging from garden ponds to patio tubs.
16th NovemberAnne Wilkinson will demonstrate various bird foods and feeders and lead a discussion on looking
after birds in the garden.
14th DecemberAn illustrated talk on Scottish gardens by Joan Page.


18th JanuaryFun Night, with skittles.
15th FebruaryDr Hugh Williams "A presentation on the New Midland Forest."
15th MarchBob Taylor will give a talk on his National Collection of Astrantias and discuss other unusual plants.
19th April"Orchids of Derbyshire", a talk by Mr John Rees.
17th MayAn evening visit to Mr & Mrs Vernon's Arboretum and Nursery at Anwell Lane, Smisby.
Cost 3 including wine or cordial. Leave Village Hall at 6.30pm
21st JuneStrawberry Tea with Nene & Rick Mizuro, Caldwell. 7pm. Cost 2.50. Proceeds to St. Giles Hospice.
19th JulyAn evening visit to the garden of Mr and Mrs Little, Repton.
Cost 3 including refreshments. Leave Village Hall at 6.30pm
16th AugustAn evening visit to the adjacent gardens of Mr & Mrs Betteridge and Mr & Mrs Heywood,
Rolleston-on-Dove. Cost 2.50 including refreshments. Leave Village Hall at 6.30pm
20th SeptemberAnnual General Meeting
Anita Thorpe - "Plants of the Season, a talk and demonstration."
18th OctoberMr Cousins - "A talk on Japanese Water Gardens.".
15th NovemberPeter Williams, wildlife photographer - "A talk on Fauna and Flora.". .
13th DecemberJeff Bates - "Colour in the Winter Garden." .


For more details contact Keith Thompson 01283 761472
or e-mail Rick Mizuro
17th JanuaryFun night..
21st FebruaryAnn Liverman and Francis Mizuro - "Any Questions .".
21st MarchBarry Harber - "Dry Gardens." .
18th AprilJohn Page - "A talk on Irish Gardens.".
16th MayEvening visit to the Yellow Book garden of John & Cynthia Moseley, The Dairy, Moor Lane, Coleorton.
Leave Rosliston Village Hall 6.30 pm. Entrance 2.50 includes refreshments..
20th JuneStrawberry Tea at Rick & Nene Mizuro..
18th JulyMeeting cancelled.
15th AugustEvening visit to Chapman's Nurseries, Rosliston.
19th SeptemberAnnual General Meeting "Winding-up" meeting of the club, followed by Any Questions

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