The Milligans

Colonel Charles Milligan (39th Regiment)
d.13.11.1902(70 years)
= Gertrude
d.26.1.1912 (74 years)
Their 6 children were
Capt. George Dunbar
Coldstream Guards
d 18.12.1908(45)
Ada Katherine
d 17.7.1951
Blanche Justina
d 15.6.1953
Eva Gertrude
d 5.8.1960 (90)
Hilda Caroline
d 23.11.1918
Lieut. Frank William
Rhodesia Frontier Force
Killed in action near
Mafeking 31.3.1900

Two views of the family enlarged from pictures on the Hall page.
The photo on the left is probabably late 1800's and the one on the right early 1900's.
Even on the original photograph the definition is quite low at this magnification.

Mrs Gertrude Milligan, September 1906

'Blanche & Ben Milligan
October 1905'
An older Miss Blanche with Ching

These next two pictures are from Miss Blanche's diary of the family cruise aboard the 'Chimborazo' in 1889. "The experienced Doctor has offered me his Dispensary as a Darkroom - I hope I shall get a Photo of our Admiral. He is like an Indian Rajah".
"Dr. William Milligan M.B., 28 St. John Street, Dean's Gate, Manchester.
his Father I believe a Scotch Professor who assists in compiling revised New Testaments - so I am told."
Ada Milligan and Admiral GrieveDr Milligan and Mr Barnes

A croquet party on the lawn
'Caldwell Hall Grounds
Miss Milligan on the left, Miss Ada next to her.'
'Skating Party, The Fishpond, Caldwell Hall'

'Enjoying a game of puff billiards at the garden party at Caldwell Hall.
Miss Milligan is seen in the centre of the picture.'

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