The Village of Caldwell

Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee celebrations in Caldwell
This extract is from The Burton Chronicle, June 23rd 1887,
courtesy of The Magic Attic
The inhabitants of this parish determined to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, the total population being about a hundred and sixty. Through the liberality of Lieut. CoL Milligan and the principal farmers, who contributed liberally, supplemented by donations from other landowners and the occupiers of the parish, ample funds were soon forthcoming for the object in view. A committee was formed, and the project carried out successfully. At 10-30 a.m. on Tuesday a service was held at the church, which was well attended, a very appropriate, edifying, and eloquent address being delivered by the Rev. Watts (curate). At noon all sat down to an excellent dinner of roast beef and plum pudding in a large marquee, ingeniously erected by the farmers and others with rick sheets and poles, in a field kindly lent for the occasion by Mr. Gramner. Lieut. Col. Milligan, J.P., presided, supported by the Rev. Watts, and tne gallant officer proposed, in very appropriate terms, the health of tne Queen, which was heartily responded to by singing the National Anthem. The Chairman's health having been duly honoured, Lieut. Col. Milligan presented each inhabitant older than the Queen with a Jubilee half-crown, and the children with Jubilee medals. An efficient quadrille band was in attendance, and dancing and other sports were indulged in, including racing, tug of war, zoological race, three-legged race, &c. At six o'clock an excellent tea was provided. Garlands, flags, and banners in abundance decked the village, and the evening closed with a large bonfire on the hill and a display of fireworks.
Caldwell crossroads
The original Manor Farm Cottages, Main Street, around the turn of the century.
The cottages on the corner of Main Street and Church Lane are on the left.
Manor Farm Cottages, Main Street, around the turn of the century.
Priory Farm is on the left of the picture.
Priory Farm Cottages in the centre.
The miner's strike, 1925.
Between the cross-roads and the Royal Oak, heading towards the pub. The cottages in the centre of the picture are now demolished, see below.
The miners strike, 1925.
Passing the Royal Oak (in the centre of the picture), heading towards Priory Farm, (and beyond!).
The cottages on the corner of Main Street and Church Lane, around 1940.
The same view after the demolition in 1972.

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